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Real Time Pain Relief MAXX 4oz Tube
Real Time Pain Relief MAXX 4oz Tube
Real Time Pain Relief MAXX 4oz Tube
Real Time Pain Relief MAXX 4oz Tube

Real Time Pain Relief MAXX 4oz Tube

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MAXX Pain Relief Formula is one of Real Time Pain Relief’s strongest formulas. With a rich infusion of 18 of nature’s ingredients—including peppermint oil—MAXX Pain Relief Cream provides soothing warmth with a pleasant minty aroma. Each application contains an added boost of the active ingredient menthol (1.5% in all) for an extra edge over aches and pains.

And the best part? You’ll feel good knowing the relief you’re getting isn’t filled with things found in other topical products, such as parabens, SLS, artificial dyes, GMOs, NSAIDs and acetaminophen.

Get relief with the pain-fighting power of MAXX Pain Relief Cream.

  • Easy to Use- Real Time Pain Relief is designed for easy, everyday use. It absorbs quickly, is non-greasy, and smells great too!
  • Smells Great- Unlike other pain relief lotions with a medicinal smell, Real Time Pain Relief formulas are crafted to release a wonderfully fresh smell.
  • Recipe for Success- While virtually all of the name-brand topical pain relief companies utilize parabens, SLS and artificial dyes to keep their product cost down, Real Time Pain Relief is committed to not using these harmful chemicals. Additionally, Real Time Pain Relief formulas do NOT contain NSAIDs or acetaminophen.
  • FDA Registered OTC- Real Time Pain Relief offers FDA Registered Over-the-Counter (OTC) drugs.
  • All Real Time Pain Relief formulas are made in a FDA monitored facility. Trusted Pain Relief- Thousands of Real Time Pain Relief customers have shared satisfied testimonials about finally finding pain relief that they can trust. Our family owned and operated business is proud to say that we’ve been around for over 20 years.

Why You Will Love MAXX Relief:


More Menthol To Counteract Pain:

MAXX Pain Relief Cream contains 1.5% of the active ingredient menthol, the highest concentration of our pain relief products. So when persistent pain hits, fight back with a formula designed to bring fast relief. 


Stop Pain Before It Slows You Down:

When pain takes hold, it can interfere with your daily tasks. MAXX Pain Relief Cream offers pain relief you can trust. So instead of thinking about your discomfort, you can think about what projects to tackle next!


Don’t Sacrifice Your Clothing:

You want to get rid of pain, not your wardrobe. MAXX Pain Relief Cream’s non-greasy formula absorbs quickly without staining your clothes.


Feel Good About What’s NOT Inside:

Extra-strength pain relief often goes hand-in-hand with harmful ingredients, but not MAXX Pain Relief Cream. Its formula is free of: parabens, SLS, artificial dyes, GMOs, NSAIDs, and acetaminophen.

And we never test on animals, another reason to feel good about our products!